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Arduino Battery Tester

Adruino controlled battery tester

Problem: Need to test Li-ion batteries inexpensively Battery tester needs: Ability to run tests over hundreds of cycles Independent data logging, i.e. not tethered to a computer Storage of test parameters in EEPROM Flexibility in test options and battery sizes

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Fishing Rod Wall Bracket

My first submission into Thingiverse, which is a large public repository of 3-D printable objects. I posted a wall bracket for mounting a 4-piece fly rod and reel to the wall. Saves space and works great.

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One-Handed Controller for Xbox One – Joystick Mods

Flightstick / Joystick being modified for Xbox One controller

The modifications have been made to the Xbox One controller, where most of the buttons and thumbstick controls were ran to IDC connectors on ribbon cable. Next up is to figure out how to wire the joystick buttons to the

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One-Handed Controller for Xbox One

A friend of the family suffered from a stroke which left him unable to use one side of his body. We went looking for a controller that would allow for one-handed operation of an Xbox One. He is a bit

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Harbor Freight Small 40.5×48″ Trailer

I wanted a small utility trailer to haul around general house / yard stuff as well as something that would work for camping in the mountains of Colorado in style. I’m taking up flyfishing and it just sounds like a

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