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Roasted Citrus Butternut Squash

A great way to make squash. Has a lot of umami, and tastes a bit like takeout orange sesame chicken.Goes well with Saag Gosht. If possible, juice the orange including the rind, but you will need to have a mechanical

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Old Rob (Old Fashioned)

Drink Old Fashioned

May I present, a for real Old Fashioned. If your whiskey sucks, so will this drink. But it is a great drink for good whiskey. 1 tsp water 1/2 tbsp sugar 2 dash bitters muddle 1 slice orange rind….squeezed over

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Saag Gosht (Lamb with Spinach Sauce) in the Pressure Cooker

I use the pressure cooker to reduce the cooking time compared to a slow cooker and to concentrate the overall flavor. Less liquid is required to cook the meat in the pressure cooker. Also, by cooking the whole leg and

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