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Senior Design

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Senior Design is a project-based courses that serve as the capstone design experience in the CU Denver/Anschutz Department of Bioengineering. Teams of students work directly with external clients on projects to solve clinical, industry, and research problems.

Course logistics

student teams work directly with you

Student teams will work directly with you as a consulting engineering team. Student teams will set the milestone deliverables and schedule for the project goals. 

Client Responsibilities

Each student is expected to spend 2-4 hours learning about the project whether through shadowing, tours, or clinical/research observation. The goal of this observation period is to better understand the problem the team is helping solve. It is okay if some of the shadowing happens at various points throughout the academic year.

Throughout the academic year, teams will meet with their client ideally once a week or every other week. This meeting should be roughly one hour long and may take place by phone/video/in person. The students are expected to schedule well in advance.

Additional questions, including those about budgets and intellectual property can be discussed directly with Steve Lammers, Steven.Lammers@cuanschutz.edu.

Academic Schedule 2023-2024

Summer 2023

July 2023 Applications/meetings with clients to confirm details and set up client project submission and pitch.
August 8, 2023 Client Project Submission Finalized: Clients will need to complete the Survey with final details about their project no later than August 8th. Steve will work with you to confirm.
Thursday August 24, 2023

Client Pitches to Students:

A template will be provided but the goal is to introduce the project and give students an opportunity to ask questions. Students will then submit an application for their top choice of projects. You will be assigned a team of 3-4 students. Design faculty will assign teams and will notify clients in August. Students will then be notified shortly thereafter.

NOTE: It is possible (but unlikely) that if less than three students show interest in a project-> the project may not be included in the senior design experience for the upcoming academic year.

Fall 2023/Spring 2024


School starts August 22nd, 2023

Observation: Students ideally visit the setting where their project will be implemented, whether that is clinical, research, or industry to learn more about the problem and to provide context.

Scope of Work: Student teams are asked to meet with their client to outline project expectations. This document includes objectives, project scope, milestones, budget, design strategy, risks.

November Preliminary Design Review: Formal presentation where students present the following to a set of engineering judges: design, schedule, budget, prototyping and testing plans.

Final Presentation: Semester 1 culminates in a final presentation.


Design Fair: The capstone experience culminates in a Design Fair/Competition which occurs on the downtown campus in early May.

Project Handoff: Student project deliverables including written reports, software, prototypes, test reports, and materials are delivered to the Client.

We are looking forward to a new academic year and all of the exciting clinical and research projects that our Bioengineering Students can help the Anschutz Campus community develop.

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